What Our Clients Say

There are many things we can say about the service we provide to our clients, but no one can say it better than our clients and colleagues...


For the better part of four (4) years, our family has had the distinct privilege of having Greg and Emalyn Brown as our realtors. During this time they have provided exceptional real estate services to us on three different real estate transactions.

Greg and Emalyn have demonstrated time after time again that regardless of what day it is or the time of day and our numerous questions, they have always been there to answer and resolve whatever concerns or issues we have. The information they give is always clear and concise and exactly what we want.

Over the years our family has dealt with numerous real estate agents and until we met Greg and Emalyn we had never felt so comfortable and pleased with the wonderful service they have provided us. Their knowledge of the business and their work ethic was so very obvious. We were always fully aware at all time of the progress of the transactions they were working for us, and it was presented in an extremely simple and understandable fashion which, gave us a very reassuring feeling.

From our perspective your brokerage is most fortunate to have such a team as Greg and Emalyn Brown as part of your organization; and we are delighted and feel most fortunate to have them for us as well. They will be our family's realtor always.


Mr. & Mrs. Bill Melvin


My husband and I would like to acknowledge Greg & Emalyn Brown for their outstanding work on the short sale of our home in Long Beach, CA.

During the process of the sale, we wrote to you to let you know what an amazing job they were doing in terms of keeping us informed of every step, communicating their needs and listening to our concerns.  We continued to experience their professionalism and warmth throughout the entire transaction, through to closing.

We were especially impressed with the way they were able to handle our stress, and the quick thinking and acting on their part when the buyers’ pre-approved loan did not come through. Their vast experience and ability to adapt to change led to the timely closing of our escrow in spite of that last minute development.

Toby and I would like you to know that we would be happy to offer a recommendation of Greg & Emalyn to any prospective client.  Please feel free to give our contact information should they require a reference.  We have already referred several people to this amazing team, and will continue to do so! Thank you for your good judgment in being associated with such exceptional professionals.

Sincerely and in gratitude,

Mr. & Mrs. Estler


Excellent Service from Greg and Em from start to finish!

Joel B. Hoffman

Attorney at Law


My wife and I decided to pursue a short sale of our condo after many unsuccessful attempts to renegotiate our mortgage with the lenders.  We obtained a reference from AllState Tax Services to contact Emalyn and Greg Brown for assistance with the process. 

 In April of 2012, Greg & Emalyn came to our West LA condo from Cerritos for an in-person evaluation of our options and concluded that, based on our goals, they would represent us in attempting to gain approval for a short sale form the banks.  During that evaluation, my wife and I gained confidence in our decision and peace of mind that we were finally getting the help we were seeking.

Our short sale closed yesterday.  We may have chosen foreclosure or to stay in our devalued condo if not for the rigorous attention, communication and patient dedication shown by Emalyn and Greg.  Every question we posed was answered immediately and professionally. Every concern was addressed thoughtfully and with options and led us to develop a faith in their expert knowledge that we rarely have in business transactions. 

The exemplary efforts of Greg and Emalyn is what renews faith of home owners in difficult times - they improved our living situation in a dramatic way and should be commended as your colleagues.  Their characteristic patience with us, detailed tenacity with the banks, and expert knowledge of real estate and the short sale process should be realized and commended.

All the best and with gratitude, 

Mr. & Mrs. Thorson



We met Emalyn Brown at an open house in our neighborhood in April, 2011 and were attracted by her friendly approach.  Emalyn ad Greg Brown are true professionals who are committed to quality service.  They follow through on their promises.  In the past 2 years they helped us purchase 2 income properties at a great price and find great tenants for them.  We are very pleased by the way they handled the whole process. We truly appreciate their thoughtful advice and enjoyed the cheerful and memorable moments with them.  Now we have become very good friends with Greg & Emalyn.  They will be our Realtor for life, we have recommended them to all our friends.  We love you, The Brown Team!

Best regards,

Mr. Caragodin & Mr. Pou


I would like to acknowledge Greg & Emalyn Brown for their outstanding work on the sale of my home in Long Beach, CA.

I first met Greg and Emalyn when I bought my home in 2008, as they were very welcoming neighbors.  When it came time to sell my home, I was impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of the housing market.  In addition, I appreciated their flexibility in working with my busy hectic schedule.

Greg and Emalyn did an amazing job on the sale of my home.  They provided great advice and recommendations to prepare my home for sale. They handled all coordination between the contractors and my tenant, reliving me of the stress.  They kept me informed every step of the process, communicated their needs and always listened to my concerns.  Most of my concerns were in minimizing the inconvenience to the tenant.  Greg and Emalyn did a superb job in making sure the tenant was involved throughout the process.

I will be happy to offer a recommendation of Greg & Emalyn to any prospective client.  Please feel free to give my contact information should they require a reference.  I have already referred my friends to this amazing team, and will continue to do so!


Kelly Britton


A short time ago we began looking at the real estate market with intentions of renting, but with the hope of one day buying a home. We then met with Emalyn and Greg Brown who explained the many benefits of home ownership, making it very easy to understand and dispelling all of the trepidations we had about buying a home. There was no pressure, which made moving forward with the home buying process a smooth beginning.

They then put us in touch with a loan specialist who was a perfect match, creating THE BEST possible team for us. From there, they took into account our goals and formulated a plan that met our needs. We immediately found the home of our dreams. Emalyn and Greg were extremely professional while advocating for us and looking out for our best interests throughout the entire process. They were always available and the lines of communication were always open. We always felt we were in the best of hands. They were always very positive and reassuring, which was extremely helpful. We can’t imagine having done this with any other realtors.

We are fortunate to have had the best overall home buying and life changing experience. We still cannot believe how smooth the entire process was, and what we thought would take at least six months, only took one. We will definitely recommend The Brown Team to all of our friends and family who are considering purchasing a home. Especially those, like us, who were apprehensive about the home buying process.


Sylvia and Ed

State Investigator / Law Enforcement, State of California


As the chaos of moving is dwindling down, I'm taking a breather to take everything in and soaking in the reality that I'm finally a homeowner!  This would have not been possible without your guidance and help each step of the way.  I want to personally thank you for helping make my dream of owning a home come true.  Thank you.


Hazel, Abby and Calvin


It is with absolute pleasure to express my appreciation and gratitude for services provide by Greg and Emalyn Brown. 

When my personal life took an unexpected turn,  I faced the realization I would lose my home to foreclosure.  I was referred to Greg and Emalyn through a close friend who utilized their services in the short sale of her home. 

My initial phone interaction with Greg & Emalyn was extremely comfortable, with all of my questions answered…. there were many!  That was a prelude to the EXCEPTIONAL service that continued until the closing of escrow.  I hope to one day have the pleasure to once again work with this fabulous team.


Ms. Renee Alvarez

What Our Colleagues Say

July 14, 2012

Emalyn:  You are an outstanding negotiator!!! I thought we would never see this day.  This is a major accomplishment given all we went through and the special situation.  Likewise, it was a real pleasure working wth you and Greg Brown.  My wife Carmen and I would love to get together with both of you to celebrate this out of the ordinary closing. 

Thanks, again, for all your efforts in getting this deal done.

July 17, 2012

Hi Greg,  I saw that Emalyn is currently negotiating a letter. It seems that there are several potential avenues to get this matter resolved and I have absolute confidence in yours and Emalyn's extensive knowledge and expertise to find the optimum solution. . . I know we'll find a satisfactory conclusion to this long and extenuating transaction.  Thank you for your divine patience and unbeatable persistence.

July 19, 2012

...my wife and I consider you an exemplary couple.  I hope you enjoy the Carmenere wine from Chile.  Maybe we can go to dinner with our wives before our trip to China in late August. 

September 22, 2012

What an experience!  Thank you for your patience and persistence.  You are the best in the business.  Congratulations!

Antonio Thomas

Realtor – Century 21 Astro



I have known Emalyn and Greg Brown for many years, and they are one of the best in the business.  They are organized, efficient and most of all knowledgeable in today’s unpredictable real estate market.  Emalyn and Greg go the distance to ensure every transaction is a success.  Their integrity and expertise are commendable.  I highly recommend Emalyn and Greg Brown for the Champion of Homes award.  If anyone is deserving of this award, it is most definitely The Brown Team.

Geraldine Triplett
Real Estate Agent – Century 21 Astro